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We Are Smile Zone Orthodontics
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We Are The SmileZone
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We're Artistic
Your Smile Is Our Canvas

We always start by figuring out exactly how your smile should look the day your treatment is complete - and then we design it to fit your face and look great from every angle. And don't worry - this isn't like the crazy hairdresser that somehow mistook you for the lead singer in a punk rock band (unless you're into that sort of thing;-).

We're Smile Nerds
We Actually Think We're Cool

Turns out the majority of people rank the smile right up there with the eyes in terms of what makes a lasting impression. We've always believed your smile has the power to help you conquer the world. We spend all our time at work figuring out how we can make your smile the very best it can be. If that makes us nerds...we're okay with that.

We're Passionate
We Believe Your Smile Is Powerful

Every day we get to see it. It grows and grows until there's just no hiding it. We're talking about the self-confidence that comes with improving your smile. It's what gets us up in the morning and it's why we're so excited about our jobs. There isn't any circumstance you can't handle when you feel good about yourself. That makes us feel good too.

We're Kind Of Famous
We Teach Orthodontists All Over The World

You may not know it, but a lot of things have changed since Smilezone first started creating beautiful, healthy smiles. Treatment times are faster, braces are more comfortable and way more esthetic. The cool thing is - we teach doctors all over the world how to provide the very best and most patient-friendly care. And we always practice what we preach.

Our Team focused on you

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Duncan Brown, DDS, MS
Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Brown graduated from the University of Toronto in 1975 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery, and became a Specialist in Orthodontics in 1978. Duncan’s warm smile, sense of humor and relaxed attitude are characteristics his patients and team love about him. It is not uncommon for his patients to greet him with a hug, and never a day goes by without hearing a resounding “I love this job!” echo throughout our clinic.

Dana Van Elslande, DDS, MSc
Orthodontic Specialist

As a child, Dr. Van Elslande was a patient of Dr. Brown's! His love of Orthodontics was infectious, and it was during Dr. Van Elslande's appointments as a patient that she decided that Orthodontics would be her dream. As an Orthodontist, Dr. Van Elslande has specialized training in orthodontics. She received her Bachelor of Medical Science, Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and her Masters in Clinical Orthodontics from the University of Alberta.

We're Fast
Because Life With Your New Smile Is Waiting

Treatment times vary - because everyone's smile is (almost) as unique as their fingerprint. For some, treatment can be completed in just a few months. For others, it can take longer, but no matter your age, the first step is a consultation with one of our awesome doctors. It's the perfect way for you to speak to the expert, find out what your options are and get all the information you need to make the right decision.

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