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Memories Can Make You Smile

Memories Can Make You Smile

And Smiling Can Do Even More

by admin

Posted on June 27th, 2016 4:21 pm

Close your eyes and think about pictures, jokes, stories or events in your life that make you smile. Did you know that you just lowered your blood pressure and improved your overall health?

In this busy age of computers, cell phones, working non-stop we forget that something as simple as a memory can sooth the stresses of the day away like an hour at the spa. I love to think about the great relationships we have with our patients here at SmileZone. No, really. Our patients are like family, only without any of the stress and tension that sometimes comes with actual relatives:-). I can think of so many awesome moments with patients, and they all make me smile. And the really neat thing is how often we hear that we make you smile too.

I’m not naive enough to believe that all memories are positive, but I am really glad to know that the ones we share together can bring a smile…and maybe even help us all live a little longer and enjoy life a little more.

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Written by Dr. Dana Van Elslande